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Background Kit - Backdrop Stand, Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop & Carrying Bag

Background Stands and Screens plays crucial role in giving quality to the photo. Backdrops are an important tool for any photographer, stage director or film crew to use in their day-to-day life. A complete background kit is therefore the essential need of photographers to be ready anywhere to have the photographs with desired photographs. A background kit will help in adding the desired effects by photo editing.

A complete Background kit contains:-

Backdrop Stand:- A backdrop stand is essential for the support system for the backdrop to give a perfect look to the Photo Background of the photo it may be made up of steel,P.V.C or any other lightweight material which is adjustable and flexible in every form and easy to carry from one to another location..The height of the background stand to be adjusted will depend on the scene and the requirements according to the scenario of the photograph or the video so it should be capable of opening up to the sufficient heights.

Backdrop:- Backdrops are hung behind a photo shoot setup to design a scene that is required are the important part of background kit. They give us the required backgrounds we to our photos and make the special effects we see on the big screen possible. It may be available in various materials like paper which are fairly inexpensive and available everywhere. Muslin backdrops are fabric that are expensive but has more dimensions then a paper backdrop and available in many colors and we have painted canvas some truly stunning portraits but a bit expensive.

Chromakey Green Screen:- A green screen is a special type of backdrop used in photography and videos When photos are clicked or videos are made in front of a green screen, with the help of video editing we can edit any background it wants. This is useful for showing scenes in places the actors and can even show the actors invisible and many other surprising effects.

Carry bag:- A carry bag to contain all the background kit components like backdrop standand backdrop which should have enough space and easily portable

Backdrop Stands - Background Stands for Support of Screens and Backgrounds

Backdrop stands are essential for support of screen, muslin and canvas. For better photography you must need these types of stands. There are varieties of backdrop and background stands are available The following may be main specifications for background stands

backdrop stands, background stands

  • Two side stands - made from steel with polyamide riser locks.
  • Available in all-black powder-coated finish.
  • The 3-segment cross-bar is made from 25.5 mm dia. steel tubing - providing a width of 243 cm (8 feet).
  • Cast Aluminum leg joints (upper and lower) for strength and stability.
  • Solid steel machined mounting pin - for longer life.
  • One-person assembly system - enabling easy and quick setup.
  • Carrying Bag provided for storage and portability.
  • Slots at the ends of the cross-bar ensure that in the event of unequal heights of the side-stands, the cross-bar does not get damaged.

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